Samuel Tesfa Michael is an Ethiopian gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader. At 14 years old, Sami joined a choir at Full Gospel Church (Gotera Branch). Although he was the youngest in the choir, his leaders observed his passion and enthusiasm for writing songs and singing in front of a large gathering. Sami continued to serve his church by leading mid-week and Sunday service worship sessions. He released his first album, “Medane New,” when he was 21. 

Sami asserts Jesus Christ’s name to be exalted and magnified through worship songs. His songs are focused on Jesus, showcasing intimacy, surrender, and relationship with him. With this conviction, he’s written congregational anthems like Abetu Sirah Girum New, Eleleta, Misale Yeleleh, and Ayalehu. Through his ministry Albastros, Sami has organized various worship events in Ethiopia, South Africa, Europe, North America, Australia and online. During the COVID-19 crisis, Sami launched “Yediro Mezmur” challenges, where many artists created cover songs to encourage the body of Christ.

He and his wife Ayda, and their two young daughters are based in Portland, Oregon

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